Tensile Structures


Tensile structures are structures whose stability derives from the tension introduced in the parts designed to work in tension (Fabrics and cables).

The membrane tensile structure is the typical typology of textile architecture, with free geometry: The cover is made of a PVC membrane with double PVC coating.

Depending on the type chosen, can be used different types of technical fabrics. The tensile structure with supporting arches, can have the wooden structure, in iron or in aluminum, and be a mono, double or triple insulating membrane; The advantages of the double/triple membrane are the reduction of the thermal coefficient in the internal environment, the reduction of condensation and a lower acoustic resonance.

The tensile structures can find their application for the coverage of football fields, racecourses, stables, swimming pools, tennis courts, industrial areas, special covers for events and concerts, fairs, archaeological areas and anything else the technology of textile architecture can allow.